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Another 100 Themes List for me to do :D

:star: = completed

:star: 1. Introduction - Depressed, Schizophrenic, Human
:star: 2. Complicated - Never Easy
:star: 3. Making History - For Good
:star: 4. Rivalry - Over Death
:star: 5. Unbreakable - Mulish
:star: 6. Obsession - Rules
:star: 7. Eternity - Five Little Words
:star: 8. Gateway - Lazy Gnome
:star: 9. Death - Death
:star: 10. Opportunities - Rotting Wood
:star: 11. 33% - One-Third Wonder
:star: 12. Dead Wrong - Discovery
:star: 13. Running Away - Cirque du Freak
:star: 14. Judgement - Just Love
:star: 15. Seeking Solace - Needing
:star: 16. Excuses - Really Me
:star: 17. Vengeance - Ghost-Threads
:star: 18. Love - Seasons
:star: 19. Tears - Simple Tear and I am Sad
:star: 20. My Inspiration - Vampire
:star: 21. Never Again - Until Now
:star: 22. Online - Deviant Art
:star: 23. Failure - Best Forgotten
24. Rebirth
25. Breaking Away
26. Forever and a day
:star: 27. Lost and Found - The Friendship Box
:star: 28. Light - Love and Light
:star: 29. Dark - Grey Becomes Me Better
:star: 30. Faith - Stained Glass
:star: 31. Colours - Rainbow
32. Exploration
33. Seeing Red
34. Shades of Grey
35. Forgotten
:star: 36. Dreamer - The Ringing Siren
37. Mist
38. Burning
39. Out of Time
40. Knowing How
:star: 41. Fork in the road - Burden Free
42. Start
43. Nature's Fury
44. At Peace
:star: 45. Heart Song - Heart of Ice and Heart of Stone
46. Reflection
47. Perfection
:star: 48. Everyday Magic - You Stayed
49. Umbrella
50. Party
:star: 51. Troubling Thoughts - It's Hard to Choose Hope
:star: 52. Stirring of the Wind - Chance
53. Future
:star: 54. Health and Healing - Still
55. Separation
:star: 56. Everything For You - Scared You Away
57. Slow Down
:star: 58. Heartfelt Apology - Open My Eyes
59. Challenged
60. Exhaustion
61. Accuracy
:star: 62. Irregular Orbit - Whimsy Wind
:star: 63. Cold Embrace - Hell is Cold
:star: 64. Frost - Painted Ice
:star: 65. A Moment in Time - Frozen Joy
66. Dangerous Territory
67. Boundaries
:star: 68. Unsettling Revelations - Rape
:star: 69. Shattered - Kicking in the Glass
70. Bitter Silence
71. The True You
72. Pretence
:star: 73. Patience - Too Far Gone
:star: 74. Midnight - Witching Hour
75. Shadows
76. Summer Haze
77. Memories
:star: 78. Change in the Weather - More to This
79. Illogical
80. Only Human
81. A Place to Belong
82. Advantage
83. Breakfast
:star: 84. Echoes - Letter to a Lost Child - An Echo
:star: 85. Falling - Free Fall
:star: 86. Picking up the Pieces - A Letter to a Lost Child
:star: 87. Gunshot - Abused
:star: 88. Possession - Inside the Music
:star: 89. Twilight - I Think of You
:star: 90. Nowhere and Nothing - Floating Along
:star: 91. Answers - Seeing the Picture
:star: 92. Innocence - Dance
:star: 93. Simplicity - Earthworm
:star: 94. Reality - Go Away Again
:star: 95. Acceptance - Alive Not Dead
:star: 96. Lesson - Far Worse
:star: 97. Enthusiasm - Until Pregnancy
:star: 98. Game - Russian Roulette
:star: 99. Friendship - Carebears
:star: 100. Endings - Incomplete


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Best Friends First Half by MagicalJoey
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Visual Poetry
"-54- Tower" by MagicalJoey
Not Even a Child - Excerpts by MagicalJoey
A poem written over a background image (photograph, blank colour with border, photo manipulation).

:bulletblue: Minimum 4 stanzas (verses)
:bulletblue: Photographs can be found at MagicallJo, WrittenPhotographs (consider a donation) or one of your own can be used.
:bulletblue: Text either supplied by you, or you supply a theme and I supply the text.

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Acrostic Poem Idea 1: Granny by MagicalJoey
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HorrorWriters Unite 'Poster' 2 by MagicalJoey
The Rose by MagicalJoey
Butterfly Kisses by MagicalJoey
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Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend


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She can only be seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears a heather-coloured dress and has silvery lilac butterfly wings.
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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 11:04 AM

This is a feature journal, featuring the participants in LiliWrites 's "Great Lit Crit Event".

First though, groups:


We are holding an October/Halloween contest and I am looking for prizes and judges. I only need two judges but they cannot win (they may enter for the fun of things if they wish).


We are also hosting an October/Halloween contest and I am looking for prizes and a judge (I already have one judge - judges may enter but cannot win). There has already been a nice prize or two donated for this contest, but the more the merrier.


We are looking for two things:
:bulletgreen: Mentors!
We are currently sitting with people waiting for adoption who have been there since I took over the group last year. Granted some are probably no longer active on DA but I can only know that if I pair them up with someone and they don't respond. I am particularly looking for mentors who like more than two genres (I get a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, but there are some waiting who have other likes) and at least one mentor who likes fan fiction as I know there is one mentee with fan fiction as their strong point. However, if you are a one genre, non-fan fiction person please don't hesitate to fill out the form anyway and wait your new pet mentee who will (hopefully) appreciate the time you are putting into the relationship and (hopefully) one day become a friend.

:bulletblue: Admins!
We will be losing some of our admins at the end of August (i.e. tomorrow) for inactivity, leaving myself and KieWakakie with all the work on our shoulders once again. What are the duties of an admin?
:bulletpink: Look through the threads in our back room where we post the submissions and suggest likely pairs to MagicalJoey who will send out the 'congratulations you are adopted/you have adopted' letters (as I have a system).
:bulletpurple: Promote the group in your own journals occasionally to get in more members, specifically mentors at this stage.

And that's it!
There should be an "Admin Application Form" in the journal on our main page, but in the event that I have accidentally deleted it, or you can't find it, you can note MagicalJoey - please only if you can't find the form.


We are still looking for two things:
:bulletblack: Prose entries to critique
We are running out of entries in our prose folder and the critics need something to do. Please help us out by mentioning us to people or submitting work yourself. REMEMBER to read our rules first.

:bulletred: Poetry Critics
With most of our critics having come in the time of prose-need we are now short on poetry critics. What do you have to do as a critic?
:bulletorange: Commit to a minimum of two critiques per month (but the more the merrier)

REMEMBER you can still submit your own work to be critiqued by another critic.


smileykaya It's a fish! by smileykaya Who Is Wandering The Nightscape?
    Picture a sky splashed with stars and alit a deep navy blue by a glaring full moon. A steep, grassy hill overlooking the churning sea of trees beneath has been trodden with footprints leading to its summit. There are only these sounds; the hollow wind that rustled the grass and the trees, the distant shriek of a barn owl and of course, the steady plodding from a figure with very large feet. 
     He is not human.
    He is a creature of myth. From the waist up he is a man, from the waist down he is an eagle. He sports shrunken wings with elegant but useless feathers, a tail like a lion’s that sways unenthusiastically in the wind and oak leaves about his face and elbows. The only things the wind doesn’t change are the antlers upon his head and his stony, pensive facial features. His deep-set eyes, though as silver as the glint of a blade, tell a tale of many woes and many thoughts. You may also notice upon his s

Medoriko 5 Stages of GriefSwarming black birds circle where he was laid to rest.
She was his only visitor, walking in with a smile.
But time seemed to drag on, taking her smiles with it.
She wore his love, studded with stones.
It was heavy and tucked away with still moments
and old photographs.
It was of little concern that his name was misspelled
on his tombstone as he was known little and loved
even less.
But he had been her moon and stars, the only
light when all others went out.
When she sleeps, she can see his soft outline,
as if someone had blurred the edges
with a paintbrush.
It was in monotony that she found slight peace.
The sounds of ticking clocks and jammed copy machines
become a source of comfort.
She found beauty in the normalcy.  
She was filled to the brim,
teetering over the edge, and days like this didn't help.
Days where she’d receive strange phone calls as
she sat in their dusty apartment.
She’d roll onto the
right side of the bed, his side,
to revel in this manmade h
  PiecesI say that I’m alright because
it is easier to lie, than for you
to peel away the layers, and be
disappointed with the person
I am underneath.

Braxton-T-Rutledge  Cooking With MomBetween the onions, before the beef
is cubed; after the mushrooms get seared
not crowded, my mother turns
touching my chest. She knows
the scar
     over my left lung is
her fault,
She tells me she remembers terror.
My crawling into the Elephants' enclosure.
An ape in diapers
awestruck, adoring those kind planet-eyes
hoping a long trunk will wrap around it,
I say
"I don't remember ever feeling safer."
Crawling between the feet of
Mother tells me I wailed, 
"I wanted them
to raise me."
When the wine is poured over the beef and the rice
gets to steaming, she says, "your instinct might've been right,
ya know? Maybe it would have turned out better,
joining their herd."
I look the stove in the eye demanding
Tell me how to make dead things taste alive,
reach out your coiled arms and take my hands,
whisper your bread trickery, yo
LeavingDespair lets me love beyond shame,
that deep crude love that smolders
                            like potatoes in the earth
                                 under straw
protecting us like the sightless womb.
Awes in wave after wave, despair crashes through
                     like the steel pacific off the coast of Newport, OR.
suffocates codes of law, soaks the lesson books
all the colors sluicing in
                                we stretch,
like stars in our own private sky
to coalesce into a worl

Naktarra My Spider Wears a Tinfoil Hat     Murder is wrong. Murder is usually, most entirely and for the most part extremely bad when it comes down to it. Shockingly enough, people thought murder was so wrong that they made laws about it. You can't murder people is what they say and they say that you can't harm animals either. That doesn't stop one from killing alien species.
     The alien in question was tall, black and had eight legs. Eight long, entirely gross and disgusting legs that scurried away into dark corners with its equally—if not more-so—ugly eyes. Spiders sucked and that is really the point of it all.
     There are a lot of options on what one can do when they spot one of these alien creatures. Scream is always the first option whether one likes it or not. The louder and higher the scream depends on where one happens to find the spider. If it's on the floor about fifty or so feet away, a quick “ah” is sufficient. However, if you find the s
The Trouble With Meese     My idea of heaven wandered around the notion of strapping antlers to my head and pretending to be a moose. The problem with this heaven of mine was the fact that when it came to moose hunting season, I was often shot. Fair enough, if you see a brown furry thing that is eating dirt and grass you will shoot the brown furry thing eating the dirt and the grass. There is no harm done there other than to my multiple internal wounds.
     I find that bullet wounds tend to impress the ladies. The more you have to add to your muscle collection, the more sensitive and experienced they think you are. There is a point, however, where you can having far too many bullet holes in you and girls start thinking there might be a bit of an issue in your head. Not me though; I don't like the standard hobbies like collecting stamps and the thought of all that pointless dancing.
     To be fair, back in my younger moose impersonation days I was banned from en

C-A-Harland  What Next?You’re in the middle of a maze. Have to get out without being caught. Bad guys coming to get you. Don’t stop moving. First turn. Dead end. Bad choice. Go back, try again.
What next? Trap! Teammate runs ahead; he’s keen. Too keen. Ground gives way under him and he falls. It’s ok, you catch him. You and teammate pull him up. Edge your way around the pit. Don’t fall in. Keep going.
What next? Good turn. Find some weapons. Take a sword, better grab a knife too. Give teammates a bow and a spear. Might come in handy. Keep running. Don’t stop now. Round the corner. Monster. Shit. Big-ass buffalo thing, with spikes and horns. Hide. Teammate jumps out to get its attention. Run. Run, run, run. Back to the pit. Hope the buffalo’s not as nimble as you. Jump over the pit, almost lose your sword. Buffalo falls in, can’t get out. Good. Keep moving.
What next? Find another monster. Big and red and angry. Sabre teeth. Claws. Not friendly. Hide. Now what?
GossipsMoths will flock to a flame.
But it doesn't mean they don't fear the fire.

HtBlack Four-Letter PoemsWe try to recombine each other,
to overwrite the coding of us constantly-
yet I've never been good at Scrabble
And I can't make poems out of four letters,
(not alone).
Hackers, we've corrupted this sourcecode
Attaching and removing strings
So long and repeteadly it feels like forever;
And now and then it is
Like we're decorating a Christmas tree
But we lost all sense of beauty.
we have tried. I feel my insides
A festival of scars and tentatives of surgery;
enzymes, our guests, look for those special seats that
Have a name and a shape fitting them only.
And they will cut up their fabric and
tear apart their old, tired cushions.
And pull out the fluffy beauty from inside them,
"We're just modernizing them a bit!".
And I will look at you, my so-called love
Through eyes crying aminoacid chains;
but I've never been good at Scrabble, so
you unmade and rebuilt all my four-letter poems.
The beauty and the wonder of
Nitrogenous base sequences,
You nitpicked the best restriction e
Blood on the snow by HtBlack

Oralle08  PersuasionPersuasion is a wicked art
It is the fangs of the viper
To the angels, it is the morning star
Persuasion is well-forged flattery at its finest
I am the snake in The Garden
I warn you, persuasion is not for the faint of heart
My tongue is turned salty and bitter
To get what I want, I must play the part
My soul is twisted
It’s warped and
It’s wrong
It knows I have no place here
I do not belong
This is my wicked art
It is my fangs
I use this morning star
To forge my persuasion to finery
Acknowledge and smile
Nod, grin and agree
Hand out your compliment while
Remember to be subtle with the latter
Beat around the bush
Hand them your silver platter
Hide in amongst the vines
Flick your tongue and taste the air
Slither up into their mind
And lure them into your lair
Persuasion is a wicked art
It is the fangs of the viper
To the angels, it is the morning star
Persuasion is well-forged flattery at its finest
Passing The Farm by Oralle08

neurotype This Year Will Be DifferentThe problem with some resolutions is that, inevitably, you forget why you made them. Thirty miles into a thirty-eight mile drive, confidence at a fever pitch from successfully navigating the wind and snow in your front-wheel-drive four-door sedan, resolving to drive like a paranoid bitch at the slightest whiff of weather seems, well, paranoid.
So you decide to show the road who's boss. Coasting behind the idiot in front of you, left tire treading low because fixing it seems like too much trouble in this weather, you find that you are not the danger. The lowered friction coefficient of that cold, cold snow on your flailing rear tires is the danger, and hitting the brakes and swearing are not experimentally valid techniques to make Newton's Laws fuck off. The horrible voice of reason calls you a dumbass before going on to mutter claptrap about how much worse things could be.
There is no adrenalin rush of a near-death experience, and the only damage is the hulking purple bruise on your eg
Rain by neurotype

Carmalain7  Alive Like Dirt-
Winter vanished, a dream
Minutes after having woken;
The imprint and the lines
Still crisscrossing the edges
Of thought, retreating at my
Touch. It was important.
           I think.
                      I thought.
Though, I've lost it now.
           Am reeling now.
I reached out, five distinct
Points forming a living symbol.
           A tool.
Catching the last flakes of snow
Between my forefinger
           And thumb,
Like an angel thread seed.
I looked at my hands once,
At the neolithic lay lines
Carved in the clay
Light-Headed by Carmalain7

doughboycafe  Toy Soldiers     When Chester was a boy, he and Will O’Leary next door used to play with toy soldiers. Some were standing with bayonets poised, others lying down, others throwing something that the boys had, at one point or another, accidentally broken off and lost. They were little and made of lead, and Chester loved to paint them far more than he liked to play with them. But he did, with William O’Leary, because that is what little boys do.  
    They came in wooden boxes, though Chester’s came in a paper bag when we rescued them from the charity faire on his sixth Christmas. I remember that there were only soldiers, not a complete set; no machines, no cook’s cart, nor medical tents. I suppose he didn’t think of those things as part of the army, or didn’t know what an army really was, because it didn’t bother him to only have soldiers. He painted them in rebel gray and dress blues, and made sure every stripe and symbol was
CirclesDelia had called him crying. Again. He had really done a number on her this time, the idiot. Gone off, she’d said, didn’t say where, but she had a fair guess. So Billy Cox, like a sucker, put on his coat and hat for about the fifth or sixth time that year, and went down to Mancino’s to find the dumb son of a gun what called himself Tag Williams.
Mancino’s was a dive among dives, walls gummy and black at the top boards from all the cigarette smoke, old felt pennants and pictures of flapper girls tacked to the walls in glassless frames. Lamps with blackened hoods from burning cheap oil were turned down low, and the two bare electric lights over the bar that flickered so bad they could give a man the fits if he stared at them long enough. Sam Mancino, same as he ever was, thick necked, with a face like an old junkyard dog, stood behind the counter washing glasses. By the time Cox got there and convinced the door guy to let him in, most of the patrons had since ooze

Waffles-Of-Gondolyn what could we write aboutpart i.
maybe the way translucent leaves shine with sunlight
filtering through verdant branches.
[it's your soul, hiding beneath breaths of
life and shining with pale sin.]
part ii.
or the way you fall in love
for the very first time.
[the kiss was backlit with
her eyes held cosmic terrors]
part iii.
and the metamorphosis of birth in a
microcosm of life, a precious utopia torn apart,
but we will return one day and our hearts will be
healed in uncorruption once more.
[growing pains start early,
as a Phoenix falls, another must take its burden.]
part iv.
but do you remember how
your morning tea
would swirl with cream,
steam crawling out of her cup of coffee.
[possibilities and problems,
slipping from your grip like
down your grandmother's window:
it wants to drown us all.]
part v.
and the way God shook out
His hand to feed the fireflies:
they fell like stardust, a
waterfall of silver nebulae
complete in shimmering radiances
of yellow
~she looked into his eyes and saw galaxies , nebulae and infinite mountains of silver , stars trailing from his fingertips but she realized that she was merely a comet , another shooting star quickly fading from his sight to be forgotten .
but he was her sun .  

MyLoveForYouEternity today is the dayToday is the day í'll put a smile on my face
a day that i will be able to start new
a day that i will learn to forget and move on
today is the day i'll be more positive and not negative
the day i will change myself
and the day that i will be able to have a new start!
Happy dog by MyLoveForYouEternity

InklingsOfOblivion  Viscuspeople say the heart
is the key to life
but I'm pretty sure that
if I took out your lungs
you'd die just as fast
Songbird by InklingsOfOblivion

ChochoMariposa SometimesSometimes,
s u i c i d a l
doesn't mean
a knife pressed to pale forearms
or trembling feet
taking the final step into   o  b  l  i  v  i  o  n .
s u i c i d a l
doesn't mean
looking down the barrel of the gun
and pulling the trigger.
s u i c i d a l
doesn't mean
too many pills slithering down your throat
like thorns from a rose;
and harmless when you first see them,
but when you swallow them,
they begin
slowly ripping you apart from the
o u t.
s u i c i d a l
holding the weight of the world in your hands
even as your bones begin to break.
The crack of bone
is drowned out
by your desire to
let it crush you.
s u i c i d a l
giving up on living.
s u i c i d a l  
slowly withering away to nothing
like a corpse rotting beneath the ground
but still living
because you're scared
because you think you're so worthless
that your life doesn't deserve to be mourned.
Ducklings by ChochoMariposa

Zire-7 Socks by Zire-7 The Key to My SanityMy needs are simple
You’ll come to find as you delve further into my mind
Ponder the idea of treasure beyond measure
Render its value as you will but only I know the price its worth
Excessive and wasteful in part but there is nothing of which I will depart
Collected over years the trinkets attained still bring happiness everyday
If it were lost to me my sanity would surely flee
Only the swift return of it could save me from the madness consuming me
Used often to help me through the stressful days
Soul, heart, and mind have me covetous of melodies
Iconic though it is, many have dismissed its ever enchanting grip
Put paid to devices of the past
Overlooked until its last spark of life is gone
Devastation descends when the battery is dead

justsmilestupid Scale the Mountain by justsmilestupid The Poor RichCoincidence of coin and cents
A pity for pittance?
A penny or a penance?
People with more dollars than sense
Wasting their days counting what's spent

aelogan  The Elysian
The Elysian
    or she will study
This year, the walls here
will ring with the clink of glasses and tap
of plates passed among friends, family, and lovers.
Other times, absorb the shuffle and rustle
of quiet privacy, a solitude to where she can escape and recover
This year, the air here
will hold a healing silence that bends easily
into and out of echoes of music, roars of laughter, and sighs of relief;
while over and around the flicker of good news,
unwrapping of new shoes, and the comings-true of dreams.
This year, the door here
will barricade against the disingenuous
thresh of the city, repel the selfish and insincere,
only to allow crossing by those with capacity to love, respect,
inspire, assist, uplift, rescue, or protect her.
This year, everything here
will be clean, everything soft save for the towels which
will be coarse, of course. Every function flawless,
every debt paid, every sponge holstered,
and every piece of laundry folded for her.
This year, th
Constructive Crush
Constructive Crush
   or we are as ether
Are we as poisons
coalesce, nourished; fuels transfix, extinguished?
No. We are as soldiers
march, skimmed by nimble fingers on behemoth fist.
Are we as voltage
bolts right through, croaked; once newly shocked, set aglow?
No. We are as ether
is breathed clearly, black in the panoramic choke.
Are we as the snow
in diving ices life; ripe by the slake of spring?
No. We are as one cell
splits, birthed; en masse, a cancer trampling everything.

saevuswinds Prison BreakingGretta told me there were rabbits underneath the overgrown shrubs just outside my bedroom window. Baby rabbits, the kind that were hairless and pink. Gretta told me that their mama hadn’t come for days, and while it was natural, it was weird.
Mama hasn’t come home for several weeks now. The home is just the way it was when she touched it: the stove splotched with cooking stains, the carpet riddled with pine needles from two months ago, and even the cuckoo clock still needed rewinding. Gretta told me not to touch anything—to preserve it for her.
Yesterday, I escaped the quiet jail of my house while Gretta was working. She’s employed about a mile down the highway, at the Walmart. She used to go to college about an hour away, but lately, she hasn’t found time to go. She said that she misses it, that she regrets stepping out of the house only to find out she didn’t do anything she planned. I’ve learned though. I’m going to everything I’
sweet-tooth cravings~ by saevuswinds

xxEmi-AnGeL-chanxx The LadderI'm so glad I escaped.
That ladder of bodies
Only way to the top it seems
Is to stab another,
and use their corpse to climb.
I was used once.
Took him under my wing,
Tried to help him climb like me -
Without hurting anybody,
But he couldn't do it, obviously.
I got stabbed in the back
Then he stepped on my social corpse
And began to climb
Now he looks 'down' upon me.
I look at him with contempt now.
He pretends all is well.
Makes his stupid jokes
Calls me "Em"...
Makes my skin crawl...
I haven't forgiven him.
Now I see him slide down,
The ladder he climbed.
Though part of me feels sorry
another says "Serves you right"
I'm so glad I escaped...
Thanks StarA young woman named Saphire loved making art, and practiced writing all day long to become the very best in all her town. But one day, she was completely stumped. She looked around her room, full of art pieces featuring mystical Cookies, sci-fi landscapes of a futuristic London, and a portrait of Emma Watson that looked so real, you could start a conversation with it. But nothing inspired her. Had she really created everything there was to create? Depressed, she looked out her window, and made a wish on a nearby star for inspiration to return to her. The next morning, she sprung out of bed, and used her skill in writing to create the most beautiful deviation depicting puppies lapping at their water bowls anyone had ever seen. That night, she shouted out the window, "Thanks, star!"

MadHat11D6 The Glasses by MadHat11D6 A History LessonThey never want to talk about the 80s.
And by ‘they’ I mean our historians and by ‘our’ I mean Americans –
And they never want to talk about the 80s.
We know 1619 as the year our people became yours –
And by yours, I mean your property.
Taken from their home, their world, shackled on your ships
In a way you would not treat animals.
And by you, I guess I mean us because
White history is black history is my history is our history
It began in 1619.
And I write these words now because of Lucy Terry in 1746
Solomon Northrup in 1853
Fredrick Douglas in 1864.
Because Zora Neale Hurtson in 1956.
Alice Walker in 1983.
Geoffry Fletcher. In 2009.
I write these words now because they tell us we live in a place
Called Post Racial America.
As if we’ve gotten past it
When they just don’t want us to talk about it
And by ‘it’
I mean our history.
1978 – Our courts uphold equal opportunity.
1992 – The first race riots in decades

VFreie  Talk of what you knowI suppose it’s a thing I’ve known since forever and ago – war, I mean. The war.
The first, world-wide. It’s my earliest memories: my mother carrying me in her arms, back from the station in a blindingly sunny day that must be August 1914, and we must have gone to the station to wave my father addio, scrivi sempre, pensa solamente a me. Before the war, my parents didn’t speak German to each other; I know because my older brother swore so, and Robert was dead serious about what he was ashamed of.
Myself, I have better preserved memories of being always hungry, and being told things about the Western front and toothy, wolf-like bolsheviks on the hunt across Sedanstraße; the rustle of treetops down the street turned into marching feet after dusk. That was why children mustn’t go out at night. No memory of what my mother put in our dishes. No memory of the times when in our house lived what my mother referred to as la fantesca &
1940I. Recruits
There is more fire in the black of your pupils
than there will be in Dresden, February 15th in five years.
II. Les boches à Paris
There is more beer in the warm stench of your breath
than I could ever stomach to kiss.
III. Palazzo Venezia
There is more buoyancy to take into consideration
than how far a light cruiser can whirr boldly into English waters.
IV. Convoy escort
There are no more flashes and thunderclaps over the horizon
than there are ghosts trapped in downed aircrafts, at the bottom of the sea.
V. Strangers
There are still more neutral lands left, under the tangled bedsheets,
than even a Swiss bank can save –
VI. The deep, deep sleep of England
There are holes in the street big enough for a capsized bus to fit in but smaller
than the black of your pupils, scouting for planes through the smoke.

Amarie-Veneanar What's up? by Amarie-Veneanar No Happy Ending by Amarie-Veneanar

And that, my fellow friends, is that!

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