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Submitted on
January 4, 2011
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God Listened

Even when those who claim no religion as their own,
Open their mouths, minds and hearts in hope for another;
God listens.

Each little spark that rises from the heart of someone
In the hope of a Devine Intervention to save a life,
Each is collected until a Heavenly fire burns
And angels get the call;
Someone needs help.

I've never really believed the verse that says
When two or more are gathered in His name
God will be there and listen...
But this morning many gathered,
Some in His name,
And sent their sparks of hope skyward.

I owe my life not to the fact that I failed at failing,
But to those who never lost their spark of hope.

And to you, one day, I will be able to say thank you;
Meaning the words instead of uttering them like a mantra.

Your sparks ignited a fire in Heaven,
And God listened.
For the 'Be a Spark Contest'. [link]
I'm going to try and enter as many entries as my muse allows me to write.
This would be literature - poetry, free verse, religious/spiritual.

The preview image is one I will be using for all my entries into this contest and can be found at: [link]

They had a couple of questions you aren't required to answer but I want to post here for you to think about:

What is your spark? How do you rise above challenges and ignite the world? Have you shown another his or her spark?
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Avenvia Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Student Writer
I love this piece, I'll definitely be favouriting it. And in the third to last stanza, maybe it's like maths; two negatives make a positive.

One thing though; in the second stanza (second line) 'Divine' is spelt with an 'e' where it needs an 'i' =)

By the way - you mentioned that you don't have my email, well if you want it then it's on my DA page. The 'about me' bit, I think. If you ever want to use it, do - I try to make sure I check that one regularily.
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011   Writer
Will do :)
Ajalea Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It is beautiful:huggle:
Thank you for not giving up.
TheCreativeJenn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
:huggle: Amen.
TheWriterMirage Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011   Digital Artist
I told you i'm not giving up on you!
ebonypen Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This just made my day. But more than that :glomp: I'm ecstatic to see you're okay. I'm definitely voting for this one. I don't know how you could better relate a spark to life.
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011   Writer
thanks ebony.
ebonypen Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Any time, Jo :aww:
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