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Showered in Springtime
Charlie stood under the awning outside the tavern watching the rain liquefy the earth. She couldn't have stepped out into the night, even if she had wanted to, as the water would cause her circuitry to rust. Stripes huddled against her legs and made a whirring sound, which was his way of purring like a common house cat.
I must get an upgrade to make myself waterproof. The thought flashed across Charlie's mechanical mind at the same time as her sensors noted that the rain was slowing down. I can't blend in properly if I can't get wet. Humans can walk in this wetness – thus I should be able to do the same. She wondered who she should speak to about the upgrade. Maybe someone on the ship, or someone in a technological town. While she search her database for possible solutions her mind calculated the velocity, speed and size of the falling rain and noted that the shower was stopping.
Within seconds the sun shone bright and hot in the sky, which had been blue all
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Peeling off the Wall
Peeling off the Wall
Marshmallowed hot chocolate kisses,
Breathe life into forgotten wall flowers.
Tears water my soul,
Prompting rainbows to blossom.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 6 13
The Scarlet Letter formed against my thigh.
His form cleaved itself from in innermost being,
Announcing to a world,
Who did not know of his presence,
That he had held meaning and existence in my life.
Had held…
Until he no longer existed in the world,
But only in my heart.
Had held…
Until the Scarlet Letter formed against my thigh,
And he slipped away like a sigh in the wind.
The Scarlet Letter, painted in his essence,
Branded me 'sinner'
And proclaimed my deeds to all…
I would gladly exchange my pious pretence of a Sainthood,
For a sliver of life,
And the gentle whoosh, whoosh of the tiny heart
That stole my soul.
There was no proper pain
As he seeped away in the night,
Only the quiet rending of my soul,
And the silent shattering of my heart,
Marked his passing.
The Scarlet Letter etched itself upon my skin,
Liquid that should not have been,
And gripped my heart with inky fingers climbing up inside me.
It squeezed.
My heart p
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 2 2
Choosing Your Battles
Froghass, The Creep, folded his wings and peered solemnly at the two-leg crouching behind the Pillar of Fate. It was a male two-leg, Froghass was certain of that based on the timbre of its voice and the fact that it carried with it one of those shiny, pointy, metal sticks…what did the two-legs call them again? Smurfs? Swerds? No, swords. That was the word Froghass was looking for, and he smiled cheshirely as his brain fired up and provided the answers to the blanks in his memory. He was old, even for a dragon, and sometimes his memory seemed to leak out of him with a ferocity that rivalled that of the air the Peareots, or Farting Gnomes as they were commonly called, expelled.
Blinking as the shiny sword quivered far below, Froghass quickly grew tired of the pesky two-leg bobbing and weaving around the Pillar of Fate below him and rose to his full 16 foot height with half a thought to crushing the creature beneath one of his gigantic feet. It was not to be; however, as a lilting s
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 4 2
I (am) Robot
I (am) Robot
Become a little robot,
Least your doubts and fears,
Manifest in negativity so great,
It causes those you hold most dear
To up and leave your presence,
Abandoning you to your sorry state.
Their feelings t'wards you, once love-filled,
Turning to those of rigid hate.
Become a human in name only,
Lock your feelings far away.
Believe me, there will come a time,
You'll be thankful for the grey.
Thankful you can no longer feel,
Emotions that opalesce;
Grey is a neutral colour,
Causing 'numb' to iridesce.
Turn your once-whole heart to stone,
Flip the switch to 'off' and stop the beats.
You'll learn you can't be broken anymore
By emotion's taint – of happiness or grief.
Your heart, it cannot feel the loss,
It cannot feel the disappointment or the pain.
And nevermore will you feel you're drowning
Under sorrow's tons of icy rain.
A downside to this lifestyle,
Of living life like a machine?
Perhaps the fact that, once you cut them off,
All emotion cannot b
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 6
If it Sparkles Like a Vampire...(Empat Empat)
If it Sparkles Like A Vampire…
Blood drips in rivulets of righteous red
From teeth more opalescent than white pearl.
For 'vampires sparkle', it has been said –
Both the undead boy and girl –
Thus, if their skin sparkles, then so too their teeth.
Blood drips in rivulets of righteous red,
As fangs retract from fruity flesh; the meat
Of choice for any claiming to be undead.
One must learn to keep one's head,
When faced with a vamp entranced by veins.
Blood drips in rivulets of righteous red;
Once bitten, you will no longer be the same.
They are the Lords and Lady's of the night,
The sun chases them to coffin'ed beds.
Once they've sunk their fangs in tight,
Blood drips in rivulets of righteous red.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 4 5
The Truth About Monsters (Glosa)
The Truth About Monsters
"Tell all the truth but tell it slant —
Success in Circuit lies.
Too bright for our infirm Delight,
The Truth's superb surprise."
From: Tell all the Truth but Tell it Slant by Emily Dickinson (1263)

When faced with choice of: truth or lie?
What's better than the truth, or such
A small piece of it, too little to cry
Over, or cause tears or pain that lingers, much.
It's 'truth or lie', not 'truth or dare',
That haunts the brain with a melodious chant.
To dare to tell the truth shows you care,
Though some may not linger once they're there,
As a 'white lie' is still a lie no matter the font;
Tell all the truth but tell it slant.
A slant truth is neither lie, nor white,
But merely a shade; a darker tone.
For the whole truth oft' brings with it fright,
And fear leads one to hide at home.
Paranoia abounds where fear's footsteps tread.
Fear's a Frankenstein that brings about harsh cries
Of pain or anguish,
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 4 2
A Serial Strikes One Night (Pantoum)
A Serial Strikes One Night
A serial's started stalking,
Hidden plainly in the light.
His victim – dead man walking –
Throughout the quiet night.
Hidden plainly in the light,
A serial, whose weapons, sharp,
Throughout the quiet night
Dance and sing like little larks.
A serial, whose weapons, sharp,
Poke and prod at scarlet veins.
Dance and sing like little larks,
You blood-crazed knives with gore for brains.
Poke and prod at scarlet veins,
Until they burst in a bloody flood.
You blood-crazed knives with gore for brains;
Retire to soak in sudsy tubs.
Until they burst in a bloody flood;
The victim falls – dead man walks no more –
Retire to soak in sudsy tubs,
For the coppers come to collapse the door.
The victim falls – dead man walks no more –
A pretty head for a pretty price.
For the coppers come to collapse the door,
While the serial survives by throw of dice.
A pretty head for a pretty price,
His victim – dead man walkin
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 4 2
ToA: RP #11 - Rae, Aphy and Monstress - Games
Rae read the notice board with glee - an expansion for the Midnight Darkness Board Game? She HAD to do that mission...what were games without expansions after all? She looked around for someone to mission with, and spotted both Aphy and Monstress in different corners of the inn. Grinning, she sidled up to Aphy first and blew in her friend's ear, causing her to jump and spill her blue drink everywhere.
"Seriously Rae! Like, what the hell? Are you feeling alright?" Aphy tried to wring the blue ink from her outfit but it wouldn't come out. And the floor was turning a peculiar shade of turquoise. "We best get out of here before they throw us out for vandalism." She huffed and turned to leave, only to have Rae place a hand on her shoulder and turn her towards where Monstress was sitting.
"I'm pretty sure they can clean that up later." She says from across the inn as she waved to them. "Hi GUYS! We need to stop meeting like this." She giggled and walked over, her tail swaying gently. "You gi
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The Epitome of Hope
The Epitome of Hope
She is still, silent stone;
A statue with eyes that follow your every move
As you bustle from countertop to fridge and back again.
Occasionally she speaks,
Alerting you to the fact that she is still there –
Still waiting for you –
As if you might have missed her
The last five times you nearly tripped over her Junoesque form.
Not moving from her position centre-pathway around the room,
She occasionally quivers.
Whether from excitement or fear or obsessive hopefulness I am not certain.
It does not matter what item you pick up,
She watches indiscriminately.
Her eyes follow your hand movements,
And her ears perk up at the rustle of a packet
Or the loud thock of a jar being opened…
Though you know she does not eat pickles,
She knows you are doing something with food –
And she wants.
She is still, silent stone;
A statue with eyes that follow your every move
As you bustle from countertop to fridge and back again.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 4 0
The Haunting What Ifs
The Haunting What Ifs
What if I'm invited,
And I can't hear Him speaking?
What if I am missing
The sound of His voice?
What if He is there,
Arms open and seeking,
But I've learned not to listen
And so make the wrong choice?
What if I'm invited
To come close and crumble?
Invited to breathe,
To wail and to cry.
What if He's asking me over,
But I falter, and stumble
Away instead of towards?
What if I no longer care to try?
What if I'm invited
To seek and ask questions,
But I have lost my voice
Within the doubt and the fear?
Does it still hold true,
Is it ok to mention,
That I've been burned and bruised
The past times I've drawn near?
What if I'm hurting?
What if I'm broken?
What happens when my being
Is battered, bruised and in pain?
Can I step forward,
Though the damn weeds are choking,
And believe the invitation's
Been issued again?
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 6 5
Safer on the Water
Safer on the Water
Though waves crash around me,
Tossing me until I tumble
Like a lost coin in a washing machine,
And winds whistle warnings deep into my soul,
Telling me of all the damage they have done and can do.
Though the waters rise,
To imprison me within their walls
And crash over me,
Until I drown deep beneath their weighty clutches…
Though the waters are dangerous,
There is no place safer for me to be.
The boat is comfortable,
Seemingly safe and secure,
I know it and it is familiar to me.
I have been here before;
In this boat,
On these waters,
And it saved me from certain doom
But doomed me to an unfavourable fate:
In order to remain safe,
In order to not be hurt by the world or those around me,
I have to stay within the walls
I've created by this boat of mine.
False security saturates me
Until I am safe,
Then continues to soak into me
Until I suffocate.
I may be in a boat on a stormy sea,
Seemingly safe and secure,
But I am alone.
There is nobody
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 5 2
Aurora - The Sleeping Soul
Aurora – The Sleeping Soul
"Awaken my soul,
I know that I've been made for more."

Awaken, and rise up within me
To cloth me with purpose, purity and possibility.
Take wing with the angels;
Lifting your voice in praise and power,
And soaring above worldly worries
To arrive, whole and unbruised,
Healed and healthy,
At the foot of God's throne.
Awaken, and know what you have been created
And empowered to do;
More than what you think you can do,
More than what you think you know,
More than what you do or are.
You have been made for more
Than this world can offer.
Awaken on the wings of the dawn
And arise within me;
Whole and healed,
Bruises and blemishes removed.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 3
The Invisible Returns
The Invisible Returns
I crawled back through the doors
After an aeon of absenteeism,
And found nothing had changed;
I was still invisible and unnecessary.
People looked through me
As if I was incorporeal,
Greeting those around me,
But leaving me out
As if I didn't occupy the same space.
Few arms opened in welcoming hugs for me,
Few voices rose in warm salutation and welcome;
It seems I ceased to exist while I was away,
Just as I ceased to exist when I attended regularly.
I do not have the energy to fight for false friendships,
Or to force fake, feeble, fickle 'friends'
To notice me and pay attention.
I cannot fight to put myself at the centre of attention,
So I will shrink back
Against the wall this flower strayed from,
And whither under the scorching rays
Of disinterest and inattention.
I crawled through the doors today
After an aeon of absenteeism and being AWOL,
And found nothing had changed.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 5 4
Celebrating the Green
Irish loved the idea of a holiday celebrating anything from the country she derived her nickname from. She hummed to herself as she cut out shamrocks from tissue paper and hung them around the library, interspersing them with some glittery leprechaun images. She had tried out a spell to animate the leprechauns, and it had kinda worked – some of them were moving their legs as if they were trying to dance, while others waved their arms as if they were drowning. All in all, it was a pretty good effort for a first attempt. Last year she had let the holiday slide, mostly owing to the fact that they had been on the seas and involved in battles and adventures, but this year she was planning on a huge celebration. She merrily cut out more rows of shamrocks and several more enchanted leprechauns and headed off around the ship hanging decorations as she walked about.
Soon the entire ship was festooned with sparkly shamrocks and dancing, or drowning, leprechauns…she even hung some dec
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 4
Chapter One - Preparation
'The Woman' relished in her anonymity; to have a name would be to reveal more about her personality, her character, and the organisation she worked for than she would have liked. As it was, her feelings for 'The Man' who was her partner and friend, had been since she graduated top of her class, threatened to overwhelm her at times. Every time he put himself in danger it sent shivers dancing along her spine – and not the good shivers either. She watched him as he prepared for this new mission, a sense of foreboding and doom settling in the pit of her stomach like the beginnings of food poisoning.
"We don't have to do this you know, they gave us a choice…this time."
'The Man' raised his head from the backpack he was packing on the workbench and squinted in her direction, the bright overhead lights just behind her causing a strange halo effect. He blinked his cold, dark grey eyes behind the glasses he wore only as a disguise and pondered what she said for the briefest moment b
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Random Favourites

Down fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem Down fella (Reactions) :iconehsartem:Ehsartem 48 5 You're Grate! by r0se-designs You're Grate! :iconr0se-designs:r0se-designs 74 16
death is a shadow
and i feel him,
some days more than
we first met on a
sunny day in january.
he covered my tiny fist
inside his and squeezed
it like an apology, and
i began to cry.
i have seen his
silhouette every day
he is always on the
flip side of light –
always sharper
where the sun shines
(sometimes i can only
face the bright side
because i know he has
my back.)
i write him letters.
sometimes they are
stories. sometimes
they are odes. but
most of the time, they
are just
conversations, that
we have.
(“i was thinking
about you.”)
death is not an
he is
ongoing, he is
in the past and the
future, he is
my present (a gift).
he changes shape over
the course of the day
but always remains.
he is a shadow,
but he does not
follow –
he matches me,
step for step.
there are times when
he feels very far
and the separation
anxiety arrests me in
the white beam
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Hope slips into my
bloodstream once again only
to collapse my heart
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How The Story Goes - Lyrics
In those moments
Where I cease to breathe
I cease to take you out of me.
The earlier nights,
The life in between
Is pain after midnight infecting my dreams.
The fragmented memory that keeps me awake at night
Long after the winter has melted her flake.
Long after summers;
The colors of the snow
This is how the story goes.
after eternity’s mask.
the planets erode in a cosmic clash.
There’s memories that never cease to leave
No matter how hard I try
I can’t take you out of me.
The fragmented memory that keeps me awake at night
Long after the winter has melted her flake.
Long after summers;
The colors of the snow
This is how the story goes.
:iconelegantfaith:ElegantFaith 11 12
Interossicular Space
It wasn't that May's parents didn't love her, or wouldn't miss her.
She could no longer go to school, and every tutor and nanny they brought home just couldn't stop chewing or move slowly enough to do the job. And the breathing. May's parents went through training, used circular techniques, never did anything strenuous around May. Diet, house, everything was a cushion. Nothing clicked, knocked, groaned or collided with anything else. May's folks had the act down cold.
But anyone else, no matter the training, always that one time they'd forget and sigh, and May would clamp her hands to ears and make that face. Her silent scream. Then the shot and the pills and the worried faces over sign language. On and on. Years. Eighteen.
It was a blessing, almost, that day the Diplomatic Corps hovercraft arrived. They had contacted May's parents, done advance work. The craft rode in on a gentle cushion of air, and the Corps visitors disembarked wearing booties, gloves and bodysuits. No footsteps. Ta
:iconmemnalar:Memnalar 14 24
had they a shiny silver syringe
filled to brim with orange medicine
better to reign in hell than serve in heaven
so trazo-dosed my hip and burned my soul into oblivion
it's oh so quiet in this room
dark and empty marshmallow buttoned walls
hallucinogen soft and
grey with hollow gloom
naked screams echo here
nail your palms in crescent moons
pupils dilate with torch beam light instead of stars
from their station, nurses check in orbit if
I'm still alive
pierce the shutter door with telescopic eyes and shuttle
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 7 0
[CW] Hope Ascetic
It moves within me, as I move outside myself
prickling burning thing magnified by emotion
along tendons and through bone
emerges piercing skin
transformation - a spine of tender porcupine quills
quivering in the light
naked and wet as the end of inky pens.
I write endless rescriptions of reality
as you prescribe rest.
Your voice moves within me
narrating words of the dead;
rustling pages of will,
I am unnatural -
alien austerity.
Tiptoeing in the edge of dark
tunnels captured between light,
ghost singing to itself just to hear an echo.
Left to repeat death in sound and
rebirth it -
reverberating suicide.
Desiring so much and simultaneous nothingness
a sum:
voids of hollow sufferings
cogito ergo...
I leap from this body,
undone reality
with laughter.
Loose bonds, escape last the black noose of tunnels
burrowed into neural highways with heavy tolls
beneath street lamp cast
milky teeth shining p
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 16 5
Ghost Debris
Despair crept a soft foot in the space between
the tip of lip, the liquid of my speech and tongue
stole thought, thief the weight of words
numb melancholy laugh
sleepless draught of water
grief swimming in my temporal lobe
I have been here before -
I occupy this place damp and small
throwing light away into corners.
Passion grown too raw to hold, I let it fall
hollow out this skull
horrify my reflection with the dark mote of my eyes,
sunken as a grave
robber finding only clay where head or stone should lie
grim molar smile and solar eclipse,
every blink a mortal footprint of demise
reaped clods of earth sticking to his boots.
Refresh the day with the wealth of possible realities
epitaph of fantastical mutterings and avoidance
everyday fatalities
I create my pain -
jamais vu of suffering
renovated weakness in extreme.
Pool what goodness in this body remains
I cup my hands and drink it.
We fill my belly with cold
trace the neutral shapes of us unveiled on the naked
edge of univers
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 41 29
Hospital Poetry 2017-18
Dull ache
shooting stabs dot
my eyes with bright colour spots
white as meteoric stars.
pressure of my own body weight
forcing bones nearer naked of flesh
against the cushionless water mattress
I curl
soft translucent alien thing
encased in fossil
tentacles tentative in emergence
try to escape this shell
press anywhere for a tender place to rest
find no pools of water to be weightless in.
A nurse touches the pearl case of my spine
“we’re trying to find a doctor for some pain relief”.
They stab me twice instead
my belly and thigh
B12, thiamine and a blood thinner while I’m on endless bedrest.
Constant companion nurse chides
it would hurt less if there was a layer of fat to find and
cushion the syringe.
I don’t feel the silver slide beneath.
They bring heat packs to press against
my iliac crests
after a week, change the mattress from water to air.
A tattooed lift-team member moves me and the IV poles
to the wheelchair, wraps a blanket ov
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 7 1
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:star: 6. Obsession - Rules
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:star: 9. Death - Death
:star: 10. Opportunities - Rotting Wood
:star: 11. 33% - One-Third Wonder
:star: 12. Dead Wrong - Discovery
:star: 13. Running Away - Cirque du Freak
:star: 14. Judgement - Just Love
:star: 15. Seeking Solace - Needing
:star: 16. Excuses - Really Me
:star: 17. Vengeance - Ghost-Threads
:star: 18. Love - Seasons
:star: 19. Tears - Simple Tear and I am Sad
:star: 20. My Inspiration - Vampire
:star: 21. Never Again - Until Now
:star: 22. Online - Deviant Art
:star: 23. Failure - Best Forgotten
:star: 24. Rebirth - 1000 Miles
25. Breaking Away
:star: 26. Forever and a day - In Heaven
:star: 27. Lost and Found - The Friendship Box
:star: 28. Light - Love and Light
:star: 29. Dark - Grey Becomes Me Better
:star: 30. Faith - Stained Glass
:star: 31. Colours - Rainbow
:star: 32. Exploration - Kisses in the Night
:star: 33. Seeing Red - Love is Red
34. Shades of Grey
:star: 35. Forgotten - How to Cry
:star: 36. Dreamer - The Ringing Siren
37. Mist
:star: 38. Burning - My Tri-colour Rainbow
:star: 39. Out of Time - Wish and Dream
40. Knowing How
:star: 41. Fork in the road - Burden Free
:start: 42. Start - Teach Tolerance
43. Nature's Fury
44. At Peace
:star: 45. Heart Song - Heart of Ice and Heart of Stone
46. Reflection
47. Perfection
:star: 48. Everyday Magic - You Stayed
49. Umbrella
50. Party
:star: 51. Troubling Thoughts - It's Hard to Choose Hope
:star: 52. Stirring of the Wind - Chance
53. Future
:star: 54. Health and Healing - Still
55. Separation
:star: 56. Everything For You - Scared You Away
57. Slow Down
:star: 58. Heartfelt Apology - Open My Eyes
59. Challenged
60. Exhaustion
61. Accuracy
:star: 62. Irregular Orbit - Whimsy Wind
:star: 63. Cold Embrace - Hell is Cold
:star: 64. Frost - Painted Ice
:star: 65. A Moment in Time - Frozen Joy
66. Dangerous Territory
:star: 67. Boundaries - Full Control
:star: 68. Unsettling Revelations - Rape
:star: 69. Shattered - Kicking in the Glass
70. Bitter Silence
71. The True You
72. Pretence
:star: 73. Patience - Too Far Gone
:star: 74. Midnight - Witching Hour
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76. Summer Haze
:star: 77. Memories - If You Were Here
:star: 78. Change in the Weather - More to This
:star: 79. Illogical - Making Sense
:star: 80. Only Human - A French Canadian Angel
:star: 81. A Place to Belong - Capital-h-Home
82. Advantage
:star: 83. Breakfast - You Are What You Eat
:star: 84. Echoes - Letter to a Lost Child - An Echo
:star: 85. Falling - Free Fall
:star: 86. Picking up the Pieces - A Letter to a Lost Child
:star: 87. Gunshot - Abused
:star: 88. Possession - Inside the Music
:star: 89. Twilight - I Think of You
:star: 90. Nowhere and Nothing - Floating Along
:star: 91. Answers - Seeing the Picture
:star: 92. Innocence - Dance
:star: 93. Simplicity - Earthworm
:star: 94. Reality - Go Away Again
:star: 95. Acceptance - Alive Not Dead
:star: 96. Lesson - Far Worse
:star: 97. Enthusiasm - Until Pregnancy
:star: 98. Game - Russian Roulette
:star: 99. Friendship - Carebears
:star: 100. Endings - Incomplete


Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend

Name Poem by Wishafriend
Name Poem By

Fairy Name, Visitors Map and Personality Type

Name of Image
Image from:…

My fairy name is Fruitpip Windtree

She brings gentle breezes to change the weather.
She lives in stony places and tumbling wastes.
She can only be seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears a heather-coloured dress and has silvery lilac butterfly wings.
Get your own fairy name from the fairy name generator!

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The following are plz accounts I have created. Feel free to use them if you wish.

Alphabet Letters:


Random Images:


Welcome Images:


Christmas Images:


Contest Images:




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Once again: WATCHERS - AID ME: Check through my gallery and link me 1-5 pieces of mine that are your favourites and that you would one day like to see in an anthology. Link in comments please, or note me! 

3 deviants said I will do it later because right now I'm busy taking over the world, like I do every night Pinky :squee:
2 deviants said I will do it right now because I have so much free time - expect those links to flood in :eager:
1 deviant said I really can't be arsed, sorry :cries:
1 deviant said Other - option for cop outs or those who want to be totally anonymous :paranoid:


MagicalJoey has started a donation pool!
13,895 / 30,000
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1000 :points:

Understood-Accepted and My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink need to save for SuperGroup upgrades next year.

:bulletblue: If you want to donate specifically for Understood-Accepted 's super group upgrade please do so on UnderstoodAdmin , the new admin group for the group.

:bulletpurple: If you want to donate specifically for My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink 's super group upgrade please do so on MySoulBleedsInkAdmin , the new admin group for the group.

I would like to use excess points as contest prizes, PM gifts or just being able to donate to others raising points for a cause.

Please also note, although this widget reflects a total, this is often incorrect as I may have more, though often less, than the reflected total.

I really want to earn any money/points, and not beg for donations, so if you would consider hiring me for one of the following it would be appreciated. If you can't hire me, or don't need to, perhaps you know of someone who does:

DA Points Commissions:

:bulletblue: A short story
:bulletblue: A poem
[Check out the 'prose' folder in my gallery for short stories or browse poetry by year]
[For more examples of poetry and prose works on commission visit UnderstoodAdmin and MySoulBleedsInkAdmin where I have writing commissions available]
:bulletblue: A poetry critique
[See 'Critique Widget' for examples]
:bulletblue: A simple, non-animated avatar
:bulletblue: A lit-tag
:bulletblue: A simple, non-animated group logo
[Examples found at MagicallyCreative]
[For more examples of avatars, lit tags and group logos on commission visit UnderstoodAdmin and MySoulBleedsInkAdmin where I have these commissions available]
:bulletblue: A simple, animated group logo
:bulletblue: A feature in my journal
:bulletblue: A contest promotion in my journal
:bulletblue: A group promotion in my journal
:bulletblue: A llama
:bulletblue: Proofreading of your journal/blog before you post it

Commissions based on length and/or complexity.

Much love

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Journal History

MagicalJoey's Birthday Wish List 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2018, 6:52 AM
CSS by UszatyArbuz | Written by MagicalJoey

Welcome To

Name of Image

Name of Image

Here's where I will post my birthday wishes...for if I don't wish I will never get and that would be a travesty. :giggle:

My birthday is May 20th, so I'm posting these now in order to give the postal service time to deliver things to me if you post things. (South African post is terrible - I received a Christmas card someone send only at the beginning of February!) I'm turning all of 31 years old (yes, those are real grey hairs you see) and didn't actually think I'd get this far at one stage. I owe a lot to many people on here who stuck by me through so much and encouraged me to keep going one step at a time until I get to my destination. If it wasn't for them I don't think I would be here, so if you have people like that in your life go give them a hug, or a shoutout, to let them know just how much they are appreciated.

Please note, you do not have to fulfill any wishes if you really can't/don't want to. This journal is just my way of asking for things because of a special occaion. I do it twice a year - birthday and Christmas - but know that many people are in a bad situation and just can't. For you, a simple wish on the day is enough - knowing I am remembered is worth a lot. But for those who have lots, maybe you want to give and that is the main point of this journal.

For any of these wishes, if you need my address you may ask me for it and I will give it.
If you want to keep your gift secret, ask anyway but just don't tell me which wish you are fulfilling.

Giant Birthday by Web5teR

1) DA Points
- An nominal cost to you. I'm always collecting points for various things. Any amount of points is always welcome so I can participate more in the community by doing various things. I like to have points for things like commissions/contests/super group renewals/core memberships, so by donating you are also giving back to the community. You can donate on my profile, keep it anonymouse if you want or proclaim to the world what you've done...up to you.

2) Core Memberships and Super Groups
- I am ALWAYS looking for Core memberships (both this account MagicalJoey and my other lit account MagicalJosie ) and Super group Upgrades (for My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink or Understood-Accepted  or Adopt-A-Writer or ProjectDFC ). Super group upgrades are just under 5000 (that's 5k) points per group upgrade. Thus, to upgrade all four groups mentioned above I would need just shy of 20 000 (20k) points. If you want to go this route, you can go to the group's page and upgrade it yourself from there or you can donate the points to me (labeling them as points for super group renewal of group X).

3) Character Art/Commissions of my Characters
- Can you draw/paint? I would adore it if you would do me the honor of drawing/painting one of my characters. For all information about the characters I have, check This Lovely Folder Here or ask akrasiel , Studio-Vixen , DeeryDeerth , Ra-Punzelle , FabiLuv  or Diluculi (who have all drawn my characters before) for information.
- Can't draw but have points/cash? Commission someone else!
- I simply adore art of my characters...this is a way that even an artist who is not very well off can fulfill a wish as it doesn't cost much more than time to draw a picture of one or more characters. All the info about the characters, including reference art, is in that folder...but should you want more info just ask. Also, if you cannot draw you could write a story/poem based on one or more characters.

4) Wish List Items
- I have a wish list of art I really like on my main page. Maybe get me something from there if you so desire. Posters/mugs...whatever really. That art is really super and you would also be supporting those artists if you purchased from them, which is a great way to give back to the community.
- I also have an Amazon wish list which can be found Right Over Here. This consists mostly of books, which are cheaper if I buy an eBook and read it on my phone, so should you wish to fulfill this wish perhaps consider an Amazon gift card instead?

5) Contest Entries
- A great gift that costs relatively nothing but time. I have my fourth annual Anthology Contest running until end May - why not enter? It is poetry only, bear that in mind, but the more entries that come in the more we have to judge and the better the contest outcome will be. You may not win, but you will have the experience of entering and maybe next year you'll win top honours.

6) Postcards/Cards/Letters/Snail Mail
- I adore receiving mail and stick all cards/postcards received onto my cupboard doors/walls in lieu of posters (because I'm waaaaay past that age people, by about 15 years). This is a nominal cost to you - basically the cost of postage/stamps - and is a super way to let me know I'm appreciated as well as sharing something from your country (postcard images can be super). You'll make me happy like a marshmallow in hot chocolate.

7) Books
- Some authors I fancy: Jeffrey Deaver, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerritsen, Jodi Piccoult, Lee Child, Kathy Reichs, Ann Rule, James Patterson, David Baldacci. I am always up to discovering new favourites though!
- Some genres I LOVE: Mystery, thriller, drama, comedy, crime/true crime, adventure.
- Some genres I HATE: Erotica, romance (little bits of it are ok, but books that are literary 'porn' to sell themselves are kak), horror.
Note: Real books would be awesome (as I want to start a library one day) but Amazon gift cards work just as well - specially since there are about a million books that betwixtthepages has reviewed that I want to read!

8) DVD's/Series
- Last year I bought myself the DVD box set of Spartacus (because I wanted to watch the series with the commentary and see the bonus features) and have become hooked on such things. As such, here are some series (old and new) whose DVD box sets I would adore to own:
:star: Xena, Sherlock, NCIS (original and LA), Rizzoli and Isles, Buffy, Charmed, Criminal Minds.
Note: If you don't want to buy it and then ship it (double the cost) you can get me vouchers for Amazon/Takealot where I can buy it myself.

9) Songs/Music
- If you could find any of Lucy Lawless's concerts from like 2007 upwards I would be forever in your debt.
- Some musicians I like: P!nk, 2 Cellos, Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, Pentatonix, Lindsey Stirling, Celtic Woman, Eleanor McEvoy, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, G.R.L, Katy Perry, Christian stuff like Hillsong, Rend Collective, Bethal Church etc.
- Some genres I like: instrumental, Irish, classical - especially violins, decent lyrics (no/minimal swearing).
- Some things I DO NOT like: swearing, excessively loud for no reason, screaming.
YouTube links preferred, but if you want to go all vespera on me and buy/make me a CD and send that I will provide you with my address.

10) Stationery
- I have a bit of a stationery fetish and collect pens etc. Feel free to GO WILD!
- Consider making a 'combination' gift of some 'cheap' pens (different colours etc) and a CD you've made yourself with some of my faves on it.

11) Winnie the Pooh and Friends
- I collect Winnie the Pooh stuff (like pillowcases, cushions, plushies, posters etc) and my favourite characters are Eeyore, Pooh and Piglet.

12) Character Socks
- I collect character socks and funky socks.


Emote-Dollar by horber95     Down fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem     Emote-Dollar by horber95     Down fella (Reactions) by Ehsartem     Emote-Dollar by horber95

13) Computer Related Things
- My PC is about 10 years old and is hanging to life by the skin of its teeth. Often it just dies or freezes for no reason at all. For the rich and famous, you can gift actual PC parts that I can use to build my new desktop (I'm old fashioned and love desktops). I'm looking for the works - graphics card, CPU, RAM, motherboard, fans, hard drives of at least 1T x2 , power supply, case (I get the feeling I've forgotten something) so if you can get a good deal and post it over to me...well now wouldn't that be dandy. Alternatively, consider pricing something and sending the cash (because shipping on PC parts is fucking abominable!). Landmark Computers is a good store to look at. Alternatively, I have a contact through my work who has drawn up a quote for me (so I could get a price-idea) which comes to R10 000 (10k) (+-$827).
- If you don't wanna do a desktop thing, I would also be looking for a laptop. It would need to be a gaming one (because I am a WoW and SIMS and Dragon Age addict) which costs about R23 000 for a basic one.
- The beautiful, smart and sexy kiwi-damnation tried raising funds for me in this regard. We actually had someone willing to donate a PC and laptop from America-land, but the shipping would have been too much. If you can't purchase anything PC-related, but you have some cash going spare, the GoFundMe page is Over Here. If you don't want your name on the GoFundMe page, you can check with kiwi-damnation for her PayPal and donate through that.

14) Cash Monies
- I need cash for so many things, so if you are wealthier than most you can send some of it my way. I have PayPal, which is actually working now! PayPal email is 
- Alternatively, you can donate cash monies via kiwi-damnation 's GoFundMe page Over Here.
- Things I need cash for:
New clothes that actually fit
To pay medical bills I have
To pay my medical insurance
To purchase my medication
My debit orders
WoW game time
Buying PC parts
Website design for two websites I want done
Logo design for two logos I need done
To save up for future bills

15) Miscellaneous Gifts
- Things like jewellery (copper9lives and JuliaKotreJewelry make lovely things), chocolates/biscuits/sweeties, posters for my walls, mugs...let your imagination run wild!

Close Contender Medal + PLZ by Mirz123THE END Close Contender Medal + PLZ by Mirz123

Now you know my hearts desires folks. Keep safe and consider fulfilling a wish or two if you can. Remember, coke rots your teeth and water is best...marshmallows don't melt nicely and cats like mice and boxes.


Any questions? Ask away. I don't bite that hard...unless you happen to be made of cake or oreos or chocolate! Don't want to ask me? Consider asking kiwi-damnation or BlizzardBlitzer or HugQueen who can probably answer you or relay any messages to me!

Love you all,

  • Listening to: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Stephanie J Block
  • Reading: Solitude Creek - Jeffery Deaver (Yes, still!)
  • Watching: Spartacus/Xena/Stranger Things
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: /
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
South Africa
I'm a relatively simple person who likes to write. I value honesty, especially in comments and critiques, and loyalty.

If you are going to fave something of mine it would be nice if you could leave a comment as well. It is not required, but feedback is always welcome.

If you need to talk about anything feel free to note me.

You can find me over at the following places:

Profile picture was a gift from :iconmelissadalton: [MelissaDalton]



22 deviations

Hire Me for Something

I really want to earn any money/points, and not beg for donations, so if you would consider hiring me for one of the following it would be appreciated. If you can't hire me, or don't need to, perhaps you know of someone who does:

DA Points Commissions:

:bulletblue: A short story
:bulletblue: A poem
[Check out the 'prose' folder in my gallery for short stories or browse poetry by year]
[For more examples of poetry and prose works on commission visit UnderstoodAdmin and MySoulBleedsInkAdmin where I have writing commissions available]
:bulletblue: A poetry critique
:bulletblue: A prose critique
[See 'Critique Widget' for examples]
:bulletblue: A simple, non-animated avatar
:bulletblue: A lit-tag
:bulletblue: A simple, non-animated group logo
[Examples found at MagicallyCreative]
[For more examples of avatars, lit tags and group logos on commission visit UnderstoodAdmin or MySoulBleedsInkAdmin where I have some on display]
:bulletblue: A feature in my journal
:bulletblue: A contest promotion in my journal
:bulletblue: A group promotion in my journal
:bulletblue: A llama (one :points: per llama I give - one llama per person)
:bulletblue: Proofreading of your journal/blog before you post it

Commissions based on length and/or complexity.

Proofreading, Editing, Formatting, Typing, Designing, etc

:bulletblue: I have proofread and edited three books written by Mr Mian Mohsin Zia from Pakistan (books can be found here as well as the author's biography and several other projects by the author, including short texts for use in a voice-over video or in a script).
:bulletblue: I have proofread and edited a script for Mr N Mhlanga
:bulletblue: I have formatted a CV and done typing work for Mr Philip Bateman
:bulletblue: I have proofread, formatted and edited a thesis for Mr Mike Momo
:bulletblue: I have designed business cards for "Jenny's Hair", "Beady Buddies", "Painted Linen" etc.
:bulletblue: I have designed a brochure for an inter-provincial field hockey tournament, as well as the certificates for the tournament.
:bulletblue: I have designed Christmas, Valentine, birthday, thank you and other cards.

Everything mentioned above, including reviews and more can be found on my websites:…

Bass Guitar Lessons:

:bulletblue: I have taught lessons from pre-beginner to intermediate level, both face-to-face and over Skype.
:bulletblue: No prior music knowledge needed.
:bulletblue: All you need is the equipment - guitar, amp, lead, tuner and strap.

Information, and reviews can be found on my websites:…

Piano Lessons:

:bulletblue: I have taught lessons from pre-beginner to intermediate level face-to-face. Skype will work with wireless laptop and webcam.
:bulletblue: No prior music knowledge needed.

Information can be found on my websites: under the 'Piano' tab…

English Lessons:

:bulletblue: I taught English online for a year in 2010 and from 2013 to 2016.
:bulletblue: I have taught lessons face-to-face and over Skype.

Information can be found on my website:

Beaded Goods: (Beady Buddies)

Beaded goods ranging from plain key rings to 3D key rings, earrings and more.

Specific items can be requested and made up if possible. Shipping costs will be negotiated.
Visit my website:

Hand-Painted Items: (Painted Linen)

I can offer hand-painted cushions, tablecloths, etc - if it's white, or light coloured, I can paint on it.

Contact me for a personalised gift for a loved one - even the same picture done twice will never come out the same! Shipping costs would be negotiated.
Visit my website to see the sale on pre-made stock as well as to place your order.

Knitted Items: (Christel's Kneedles)

Knitwear including beanies, berets, scarves, snoods, bed-socks, gloves, jerseys and more. Sizes range from newborn to adult.

Contact me for a personalised gift for a loved one. Prices negotiable depending on type of wool. Shipping costs would be negotiated.
Visit my website:…
This is my mother's initiative as I cannot knit to save my life

Much love


Poetry - Free Verse
Poetry on a variety of topics. Anything from a six-word-story to an epic poem.
No specific form.
You decide the theme/topic.
Negotiations can be entered into.
Avatars - Non-Animated
Non-animated avatars.
Prices can vary according to complexity, so you can note me if you would rather.
Poetry - Traditional Forms
Poems in any number of traditional forms. Browse my gallery in any of the following folders for more options of forms:
:bulletblue: Traditional Forms
:bulletblue: DFC 2012
:bulletblue: DFC 2013
:bulletblue: DFC 2014
:bulletblue: DFC 2015
:bulletblue: DFC 2016
:bulletblue: DFC 2017
Or pick a form you want and query whether I can do it.
Lit Tags
Lit tags.
Price seems high because of the complexity of finding images that will fit the width and length requirements of 20x125 pixels.
Visual Poetry
A poem written over a background image (photograph, blank colour with border, photo manipulation).

:bulletblue: Minimum 4 stanzas (verses) of maximum five lines each.
:bulletblue: Photographs can be found at WrittenPhotographs (consider a donation) or one of your own can be used. Alternatively use a stock photo found here on DA as long as you link me to the artist so I can get permission.
:bulletblue: Text either supplied by you, or you supply a theme and I supply the text.

Complete work will only be constructed after both image and text have been separately approved
Stamps (Non-Animated)
This was a request from someone who wanted to share with a friend.
Acrostic Name Poems
An acrostic name poem for any name. Doesn't always have to rhyme. Can contain attributes you wish. (For example you want it to be about bravery or honesty etc)

Price stated is with background image. Note for other prices.
Group Logos (Non-Animated)
A non-animated logo for your group.
Gallery Icons
Icons to customise your gallery folders.

Price shown is for the biggest and most complex. For smaller icons note me for price.
Photo Manipulation
VERY RARE due to physical maladies that cause shaking (hence these take 4x as long because I shake and decapitate things)
Thus the larger price - it is very time consuming.


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